Why I love art

Art is one of those things you can do whenever, where ever with what ever materials.

My art is drawing, I may not be able to sketch something without help but I know my shading brings it to life and that’s what excites me.

You know those Tumblr girl drawings?

Like this!

Well I would sketch it from a computer or Ipad and create it into this.

Of course it’s not perfect, but this is what I enjoy doing.

Some people say its “not art” only because I outlined the original. I say art will always be art, copied and traced or not so long as you’re happy with what you have created is all that matters.

Here are some more examples of what I’ve done.

I am currently working on right now
I did this a couple of years ago
I did this last year (it’s my bf :))

The first photo of the drawing I showed is right in front of me and gave me the idea to write about it. So that’s why it’s half done haha.

If you have been following me or have read a couple of my posts, you will know I have entered an art competition. As I was putting the artwork that I spent weeks on together the paper had gotten stuck on poster paper. I couldn’t be bothered re-cutting the paper so I tried to rip it off … well, well, well was that a terrible idea. The artwork ripped in three places so i had to quickly think of a solution.

My artwork was a huge brain full of mental health disorders as monsters behind a teenagers head. So I added in depth and not so much of texture (because i had 15 mins to hand it in). I then shoved it into the art frame… WHICH WAS TOO SMALL FOR MY ART.

At this point I had 10 mins before they closed the entry so I stuffed it and nearly ran to where the drop off is and made it in time.

Even though I handed it in, I honestly felt really disappointed I knew I could’ve done better but I will continue to manifest that first place prize.

I found the image on Pinterest

Question of the day: What is you’re favourite form of art?