Small businesses

Recently I have ordered from a shop called ONExLOVE, Iโ€™ve asked if I could interview about her and her work. This is to show appreciation to other companies and the hard work they put in.

How old are you and what do you do?

โ€œI am 13!
I own a small business where I sell tons of new things such as embroidered items , screen printed items, hand made item, jewelry, etc..โ€

how long of a process was it to plan everything out and gathering your equipment?

โ€œI have started this acc a year ago but for thrifting and just lost interest In that so it took me a few months to gather all the equipment!โ€

How to you manage school/home and work life?

โ€œItโ€™s really difficult but I always put school first and then mu small business. I try to be really focus but still take time for myself.โ€

what sparked the inspiration to make a small business?

โ€œWhat sparked my inspiration were other small businesses on insta, and I really appreciated their hard work.โ€

Who helps you out the most (mum, dad, friends, etc)?

โ€œI would say my mom helps me the most with dropping off my packages for me but my dad definitely helps me with advice and whenever I have a problem to fix , but I appreciate both of them and their help.โ€

how do you plan to grow/ what are youโ€™re future ideas with youโ€™re growing business?

โ€œI plan to create more trendy pieces and handmade tops very soon!โ€

What has been the best part about it all?

โ€œThe best part has been encountering so many sweet friends and supporters!โ€

what has been the most difficult part about the business?

โ€œThe most difficult part has been able to balance school and work because it gets really overwhelming and stressful. Itโ€™s hard to find that good balance between both.โ€


Instagram: @shoppnexlove


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