Music is there when no one is ๐ŸŽถ

โ€œThere are times it feels as if the music is teaching my brain how to flow, how to be so peaceful. It’s as if the slowly changing tone touches different parts, a sort of auditory massage for my mind. It is an invitation for slowness and to feel the presence of myself, the ever patient version of me who waits to be spoken to, and is content to do so. There are times light, wind and nature do the same, yet differently, each in their own way.โ€ – Angela Abraham

With friends or not music always fills in that empty hole no matter where you are. Personally my favourite moments with music is when youโ€™re in a good mood and the volume is at the max and you are just bopping and vibing as the base replaces your pulse.

Music brings the best out of people, seeing how happy they can be bouncing around having fun, but that can quickly change. Music can speak when you canโ€™t, especially when youโ€™re upset, being weighted down by the force of gravity, chained to your bed. The only comfort you have is the voice of pain being heard through the melody, as if death is sitting next to you comforting with the harsh words of the truth.

Like movies, music has many contrasting genres to suit the different ears. From Rock to Country, from Baroque to Romantic. My favourite would either be rock or soft songs.

Comment down below what your favourite song is or favourite genre of music


  1. Welestia says:

    For me, music is a refuge from my worries and distressing times. My two favorite music genres are Alternative Rock and Synthwave with the former arousing deep emotions in me and the latter giving rise to imagination and ideas in me. Sometimes what one can’t express, music does for one, and so my passion for music would never die. ๏ผœ3


    1. That’s why I wrote the post some lyrics speak what you feel when you can’t describe it, it also can bring out the best of you as well. I do love instrumental and classical music so I can image scenarios but I love all sorts of genres. like your passion for music will never die, neither will music it will always be there.

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