Calming day ☁️

Today is a calm day, no blinding bright steaming hot sun out, no where to rush to or stress about. Today is simply cloudy with a light hint of wind. we all have to have our days off and the universe said today is that day.

As well, waking up roughly at 12:56pm in the afternoon has its perks. This doesn’t happen a lot due to my mind constantly creating scenarios that can either be logical or completely unrealistic, I don’t have a clue what is and what isn’t. I’m alway awake at 9am but I make myself sleep for longer.

If only it were raining, possibly a thunderstorm that would make the day ‘perfect’. Of course nothing is perfect, it would simply just be the ideal day for me. Sitting inside with a coffee or hot chocolate, with a side of biscuits maybe even chocolate pieces, and watching a comforting movie.

As you can Tell yes I am a sucker for the cold wet weather. It reminds me of home. Back in New Zealand surrounded by the echoes of the ancient mountains the screams of the wise rivers. I miss it terribly I get so excited even seeing the colour of green in nature. It has been a while, 5 possibly 6 years since I last visited. Well now it’s even harder to visit with the virus.

I’m now in a part of Australia where we are surrounded by red dirt that dye our shoes, clothing even skin. There’s little green here the most you’ll see is at the front lawns of the rich. There’s very few trees, not much shade to hide my pale skin from the boiling sun.

I don’t hate Australia I’ve lived here for 10 years, made many friends, my education improved by A LOT! Like everywhere you’ll live there’s going to be its pros and cons.

I have two questions for you, they’re quite simple. 1- where did you grow up? 2- what is your calm/favourite weather?


  1. DiaryWriter says:

    The weather before a heavy rainstorm, when the breeze is all that is there, even if it’s winter that weather has more than cool. It has comfort.

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    1. It does and the rainstorm feels like a shower cleanse, you can stay inside and watch movies being wrapped in a blanket, it’s definitely a comforting self care moment


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